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Magic and Swords are here to stay


Swords and magic? Why not! Inspidea had worked together with Cartoon Network Asia and Cartoon Network India before. But on Thursday, it was announced that Cartoon Network Studios (USA) have appointed Inspidea as the production […]


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Mustang Mama #JogaLouca on Youtube in HD


Petaling Jaya, August 5, 2016 – Celebrating the arrival of the premiere sporting event this weekend, Inspidea Sdn Bhd is happy to announce the availability of Mustang Mama #JogaLouca on Youtube. The entire season of […]




Inspidea's showreel highlights the shows that we have finished. They're challenging but ultimately rewarding for those involved in all of the projects. And they look great!


Jobs On Us

BG Artists

Create, conceptualize and provide graphic elements, and environment designs that support and enhance the characters and general aesthetics of animation projects.

2D Animators

Bring characters to life, even if they are the undead! Your animation should be convincing whether your characters are throwing a truck, throwing a tantrum or throwing up!

Project Coordinators

If you can crack a whip or crack a joke, then you’re our guy/gal! We are looking for a production coordinator that can handle our animation production and our zany talented artists. You will also get your name on the credit list!